Reconstruction Treatment for Damaged Hair

Dubai has always been at the forefront of latest trends, and it’s no different when it comes to the personal care industry. One of the latest treatments to have made a launch in Dubai is the L’oreal Absolut Repair Lipidium Reconstruction Treatment, designed to target the signs of damaged hair and split ends. Style To Go is among the few salons that have already started providing this treatment to clients.

The treatment aims to repair hair damage in a mere 40 minutes using the Lipidium Complex, which is a combination of lactic acid, phyto-keratin, oils, ceramides and lipids. The combination helps target each layer of the hair fiber according to its degree of damage. The different layers in damaged hair usually suffer from lipid deficiency, which is a fatty molecule that coats the hair shaft to protect and preserve the hair. As this natural shield gets damaged or worn away due to brushing, colouring or the over use of styling tools, the Lipidium Reconstruction treatment helps to restore this shield in order to reverse the signs of damage.

 At a typical session, the hairdresser first assess the damage to the clients hair and determines the intensity of the treatment. The hair is washed with the Instant Reconstructing Shampoo. The shampoo repairs and strengthens the sensitized areas of the hair. Then the hair is towel dried and the Primer Repair Lipidium is applied. Like a make-up primer, it perfectly prepares the hair for a masque application. Next the hair is blow dried roughly at about 80% and ironed with Steampod to seal the product in to the hair fiber. Then the hair is rinsed towel dried and Instant Reconstructing Masque is applied, which can be gently massaged in to the hair but not the scalp. The masque deeply repairs and nourishes the hair leaving it stronger, softer and shiny. Finally the hair is rinsed thoroughly, towel dried and Dual Split Ends Sealing Serum is applied from mid-length to ends and finished off with a gorgeous blowdry. The Dual Split Ends Sealing Serum, is our split ends savior it can be applied before blowdry, and two or three times during the day just to the ends only.

 The effects of the in salon treatment can be prolonged by purchasing and applying home care Abslout Repair Lipidium products, such as shampoo, conditioner, masque and the Dual Serum check with your hairdresser before you leave the salon but you should definitely not leave it without the Dual Split Ends Sealing Serum – Ladies it is a must for every handbag !

Absolut Repair Lipidium 2