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“Go bold with colour and have fun! Never be afraid to make a statement” Essie.

Essie nail polish offers more than 250 colour shades and keeps on growing. Essie’s multiple prize winning formula is known for its ‘no-chip’ properties, assuring long lasting coverage. The brand offers nourishing base coats, shiny fast drying top coats and other exclusive formulas that enrich, correct, protect and strengthen nails for perfect results.

Grow Strong
Take your nails to luxurious lengths. Essie growth and strengthen treatments will allow you to achieve the results your desire.

Grow Stronger – Smooth + Protect
Get a fresh start, add strength, durability and superior protection against chipping.

3 Way Glaze – Colour Adhesive + Primer
Worn under, over or on its own this unique treatment is a base coat, a top coat and a strengthener.

Fill The Gap – Natura-keratin + Bamboo Extract
Visibly sculpt and plump nails for smooth, younger looking nails. Fortified with natura-keratin and bamboo extract this ingenious base coat helps fill in the ridges and conceal imperfections, for an extra-smooth finish.

Apricot Cuticle Oil – Hydrate + Revitilise
Natural oils provide nourishing moisture for smoother, softer and more supple cuticles. Instantly refreshes and revitilises.

Good To Go – Rapid Dry + Shine
Contains fast-acting drying agent. Sets colour in seconds for a protective, brilliant shine finish.