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Anti Hair loss Treatment

L’Oreal Aminexil Advanced Anti-Hair Loss Treatment

L’Oreal Aminexil Anti Hair Loss Treatment is a dual action anti hair loss programme with Aminexil and Omega 6 nutri complex. The Omega 6 works on your roots to stimulate growth and the Aminexil will work to maintain the flexibility and suppleness of your hair follicles and encourage the hair fiber to be more solidly anchored to your scalp.

This non-greasy anti hair loss formula is easy to apply and can be used in the privacy of your home. Our knowledgeable Hair Experts will advise you and show you how to apply it yourself.

Anti-Hair Loss Treatments & Solutions

anti hair loss treatment

Hair loss is a common problem affecting both women and men, so rest assured that you are not alone.

Hair loss is not just linked to the natural ageing process, there are a variety of factors that can affect it: hereditary causes, hormonal changes, medication, and even emotional factors such as stress, fatigue or shock can all contribute.

The key to achieving gorgeous, shiny and healthy hair and soft skin begins in the shower, and what flows out of our showers in UAE ?  desalinated seawater.

Unpurified water can have severe side effects to your hair and scalp and it may cause hair loss. You can find chlorine, lead, inorganic salts and other undesirable elements in your tap water, all toxic enough to attack organic materials, such as hair, skin oils and minerals. The biggest culprit is chlorine which has to be added to your water stream to kill off any bacteria. The H2O purifier removes 98% of chlorine from the water and is an ideal aid for people dealing with hair loss and skin problems.

You may purchase one of these fabulous shower Purifiers in our salon for only AED 300 and enjoy it’s benefits at home. The filter cartridges last for up to 70 showers and can be replaced for only AED 150. The shower Purifiers are easy to install and do not affect your water pressure. Simple and cost effective anti hair loss and skin solution.

Prices Start From : AED
Aminexil treatment 350