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Bio Sculpture Gel
bio sculpture gel

Bio Sculpture promotes healthy nails, so instead of dehydrating the nails with primers and bonders as in other system, part of the Bio Sculpture Gel treatment is to rehydrate. The ingredients in the gel act to enhance and nurture the condition of the natural nail, making it a great treatment for individuals with weak and brittle nails.

Unlike varnish that chips and peels, Bio Sculpture is a durable Gel that is applied as an overlay onto natural nails. The Gel is then cured under UV or LED light to give it that strong, flexible, glossy finish which lasts for up to three weeks. It soaks off easily without damaging the nail.

Choose from over 150 different colours, crystal clear or French. Change your colour by adding shimmer, glitter or pearl colours for endless possibilities. For a temporary colour change, you can apply another nail polish colour on top of the gel and then you can remove it and return to your original gel colour.

Prices Start From : AED
Bio Sculpture Gel Manicures & Pedicures
Everlasting Manicure French 170
Everlasting Manicure Colour 150
Everlasting Pedicure French 190
Everlasting Pedicure Colour 170
Everlasting Mani & Pedi French 340
Everlasting Mani & Pedi Colour 310
Everlasting Soak Off 60
Bio Sculpture Gel Enhancements
French Set Moulded 400
Cololur Set Moulded 365
Natural Set Moulded 325
French Set Overlay 250
Colour Set Overlay 220
Natural Set Overlay 200
Re-fill French 230
Re-fill Colour 210
Re-fill Natural 190
Stick-on Temporary Nail Set 130
Bio Sculpture Soak Off 60

Nail Art

Prices Start From : AED
With crystals, stripes, rhinestones 15 – 25
With coloured liquid or gel 35 – 50